Friday, April 2, 2010

Tips and Tricks page coming soon. And a links page.

Ok, I've been pretty busy lately but I promise those pages will be up by next week. Until then you can read my past posts for sites and links. A couple quick tips. Clear cookies before logging in to do offers. Let each page in the offer load completely or it won't credit even if you finish it. If you join more than one site you can do the same offers on each site if you use a different email address and tweak your name a little for the offers. My name is Kat, so I tweak it to Kate, Katie, etc. Don't use your regular email, you will get lots of junk mail. DOI stands for double opt-in which means confirming email. Make sure you let the email load completely, and I suggest choosing show pictures after you open it. Sometimes they track the email too. And let the confirmation load completely as well. Offers I suggest starting with are the Smokers Network and Smokeless Network, Bladder Health, Bipolar, Nicorette, Gym Pass. Those come to over $5. I usually sort offers by free, value, cash (you'll understand when you see the complete offers page. Those offers generally credit within the hour. When you cash out, it will probably take 6-24 hours to get the money to paypal - some sites when busy can take up to 3 days, but you WILL get paid from the sites I list.

OK, that's a start and I promise the real tips and tricks page will be better written and organised.

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