Friday, April 2, 2010

Tips and Tricks page coming soon. And a links page.

Ok, I've been pretty busy lately but I promise those pages will be up by next week. Until then you can read my past posts for sites and links. A couple quick tips. Clear cookies before logging in to do offers. Let each page in the offer load completely or it won't credit even if you finish it. If you join more than one site you can do the same offers on each site if you use a different email address and tweak your name a little for the offers. My name is Kat, so I tweak it to Kate, Katie, etc. Don't use your regular email, you will get lots of junk mail. DOI stands for double opt-in which means confirming email. Make sure you let the email load completely, and I suggest choosing show pictures after you open it. Sometimes they track the email too. And let the confirmation load completely as well. Offers I suggest starting with are the Smokers Network and Smokeless Network, Bladder Health, Bipolar, Nicorette, Gym Pass. Those come to over $5. I usually sort offers by free, value, cash (you'll understand when you see the complete offers page. Those offers generally credit within the hour. When you cash out, it will probably take 6-24 hours to get the money to paypal - some sites when busy can take up to 3 days, but you WILL get paid from the sites I list.

OK, that's a start and I promise the real tips and tricks page will be better written and organised.

Proof of earnings

Ok, here's a screenshot of part of my paypal account.
I've been lazy the last few days... you'll notice that my earnings are lower than the first week.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

So it really does work!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This years Google April Fools

Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name
This year Google is now Topeka! Funny, but I liked their TISP April Fools better. Here are past Google Hoaxes -- check out the TISP one for a good laugh!

Google April Fools Hoaxes

Monday, March 29, 2010

HourlyGPT - More quick cash

Yet another site that lives up to their claim of paying you to complete free offers. This site pays quickly, and they have plenty of free offers available. While writing this post I made $0.70 for completing this offer: Click on TogetherRX Banner - Fill out short form.
I think I like this new generation of GPT sites much better than the old "free paid survey" sites.

Check it out!

Creature from the "CashLagoon"?

Every time I look at the name of the website I imagine the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" coming out of the water dripping money. Another of the new breed of "Paid survey sites", CashLagoon gives you money to fill out free offers, visit websites, and do surveys. I just got paid $5 for requesting information from about Abilify, which is a medication for bipolar disorder. So I made $5 for asking them to send me something in the mail, and it only took maybe 5 minutes.

This is a profitable site.

Cash Lagoon

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Extra money in your pocket - Priceless!

PricelessGPT that is. PricelessGPT is another one of this new breed of "Paid survey sites" that pays you for completing 100% free offers and visiting websites. No minimum amount before you can request a payout and the money shows up in your account fairly quickly. They have plenty of free offers available, or if you plan to sign up for anything online like book, music or movie clubs, they also have plenty of offers that pay you to do that too.

Click below to make easy money!

Do you want to "Hook This Cash"?

This website's catchy name isn't the only thing they have going for them. Like the other GPT/PTC sites I have found, they offer cash for completing truly free offers and visiting websites. Most offers credit quickly and you can request a payout whenever you want, even if you only have a penny in your account. The money reaches your paypal account fairly quickly. Some free offers offer payouts as high as $5 for requesting information on a medication. This website is highly recommended.

Click below to check it out!

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