Saturday, March 27, 2010

Want to earn some fairly easy money on the internet? Are you tired of so-called "Free survey sites"? I'll be honest with you. You won't make a fortune (maybe $5 an hour if you're lazy like me, maybe more if you try harder, or use a credit card for trials) but this site is a lot better than most of the "Free survey sites" that are out there. Like most of those sites, you get paid for surveys, cash offers (free trials or buying something online), and visiting websites. The difference is that there really is no minimum payout (actually there is but it is a penny) and they actually pay fairly quickly. After I signed up I did maybe 7 offers (all free ones, 3 were those annoying surveys where you have to click no to 10 pages full of ads with a payout ranging from $0.50 to $1.30). Two were credited instantly, earning me $3, and I requested a payout. Maybe 6 hours later that money was in my Paypal account. Not all offers credit right away, but at least I actually get a little money quickly rather than the way it worked on one free survey site I was on... that site had a first time minimum payout of $100 and since I don't have a credit card to do trials with I am now a year later still stuck with earnings of $38 on that site which I can't get payment for. So I was very impressed with this site. No more "Free survey sites" for me! I've got a long list of moneymaking sites to check out, and as I find more decent ones I'll post them, cause I know we could all use a little extra pocket money.

Check it out!

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